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5th May, 2012

KLM is one of the bigger players in the aviation industry and it is a position of which we are proud. However, it is also a position that brings with it an important social responsibility. We take this responsibility very seriously, as borne out by the fact that we together with Air France, have proudly topped the Dow Jones Sustainability Index in our sector for several years now.

We are very aware that our business operations have an impact on the environment and on society too. Although we obviously want to limit our environmental impact as much as possible, our ambitions extend much further than this one objective. KLM looks for the best solutions for the achievement of this objective, but also wants to ensure that the contribution it makes to society is a proactive and positive one. We welcome the input of anyone with good ideas on how to achieve this.

We do it together

To find the best answers to environment-related issues, we join forces with organisations like the World Wide Fund for Nature The Netherlands (WWF-NL) and consciously opt for products carrying a sustainable quality mark such as UTZ quality mark (for sustainable coffee) or the MSC organisation quality mark(sustainable fish), and fair trade products, amongst others. We also work with scientists from various institutes, Technical University Delft (TU) and Wageningen University. .

New insights and new technologies emerge every day and enable us to do even more or to do what we are already doing even better. Better solutions are being found every day, because of which our policy on the environment and society is the subject of constant change.

Share your ideas with us

Answers to the issues faced by KLM are not always found where you might expect to find them. Anyone could have an idea that could help us to progress. The government, consumers and the business sector: working together is the only way to arrive at the best solutions. This is why we believe that it is important to invite everyone – including you! – to share their aviation-industry related ideas, initiatives, preferences, concerns and objections with us. Because of this, you will find that you are able to add your own thoughts or suggestions to any of the articles on this site.

What do we do?

We work with partners– such as WWF-NL – to arrive at sustainable solutions that are designed to reduce CO2 emissions. These solutions include the introduction of fuel efficiency programmes for staff as well as CO2 compensation programmes for passengers and companies (KLM CO2 Zero). We are also making major progress in the development and use of sustainable biofuels, and create a market for it. One example of this is our participation in SkyNRG, which is striving to provide a sustainable production chain for biofuels.

In addition to projects on the conservation of nature and the environment, we support social projects like Close the Gap and Wings of Support. For example, the cooperation we have with the VU University Medical Center and Doctor2Doctor enables us to make a structural contribution to medical care in Kenya.

Closer to home, we make sure that we continue to talk to residents of the Schiphol area, because we want to do everything feasibly possible for them too, including the limitation of noise pollution. 

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28th Mar, 2014


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